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Virtual Divorce Consultations for Mediation & Other Family Law Matters May Be the Future

Whether it's our personal or social lives, or our business lives, many of us don't adapt to using new types of technology or services until there's a need for it. There often must be some new problem or issue which arises, or a change in circumstances that forces our hands, often for the better, to try something new.

In the case of something like the coronavirus pandemic, businesses of all types quickly began doing just that, trying out video conferencing and online meeting software and services they had otherwise been ignoring. This includes attorneys, who began offering virtual lawyer consultations and conferences, including family law attorneys handling divorces, child support, child custody, and similar issues. The good news is that both businesses and clients have found such offerings convenient, and that they're likely going to be here to stay in both the near and long-term future.

Such virtual divorce attorney meetings began out of necessity. Many lawyers were unable to meet with their clients in face-to-face meetings due to policies that states issued including a range of lockdowns, shelter in place orders, and stay in home mandates. All of this combined with ongoing social distancing measures as well, not to mention the matter of many courthouses across the country being temporarily closed or offering highly reduced services during the pandemic.

Therefore, many divorce law firms shifted their offerings to enable virtual client meetings. What both lawyers and clients found, of course, is that hosting virtual family law attorney consultations is actually quite convenient for everyone. Many of the same matters that can be handled with a sit down meeting in a shared, physical space, can be discussed and sorted through via direct online interactions.

Divorce mediation services may be one area in particular which continues to be widely used for virtual meetings. This brings the two parties without actually needing them to be in the same room together, and likely reduces stress even further while still offering a platform for communication and compromise.

Of course, when it comes to family law attorneys, being able to look at their clients in order to better understand and empathize with them, and earn their trust, is essential. Therefore, the success seen now wouldn't be possible without the video component being added in, as opposed to handling matters strictly via phone calls or even online chatting services. Maintaining secure communications is also key for all types of businesses, but particularly so for divorce lawyers meeting with their clients. There's a need to maintain strict privacy and confidentiality protocols, and therefore, it's important that the right tools and providers are used, as opposed to ones which have known vulnerabilities in that regard.

As long as that's handled correctly, in the years ahead you can expect the trend of virtual family law attorney consultations and meetings to only continue increasing and becoming more prominent. Of course, even when you don't need to meet with someone face-to-face, you still do need to make sure the attorney you're virtually meeting with is an experienced, licensed professional in your given state and locale.

When you're ready to find a new divorce attorney in Maryland, visit the Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein, LLC, at Mr. Bernstein is a 7-time Super Lawyers Rising Stars award winner in Maryland, and his firm is now offering clients free virtual family law consultations.

This article does not represent legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. Always consult with an attorney before making any legal or financial decisions.

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