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What Makes a Successful Divorce?

There's a good deal of discussion focused on being successful during a divorce proceeding. What makes a successful divorce, though? The way you answer that question inevitably changes the way in which that success may or may not be found. It's important to take a moment to evaluate some of the factors to consider.

Let's start with the realization that every person is different, that both parties in a divorce are different, and that the factors involving any given divorce are different as well. For all of these reasons, there is no such thing as a cookie cutter, or one size fits all solution.

Each person has unique circumstances and desires different things, and therefore, what qualifies as a successful divorce for you may not qualify for another person. Finding success in divorce, then, requires that you set goals and priorities. What are you hoping to achieve? In what fashion are you hoping to do so? What's the best possible outcome for you specifically?

It's only through answering such questions honestly that you're able to determine the best course of action with a divorce case, and in turn, what the desired, best-scenario outcome would be. For one person, that might mean an amicable compromise achieved via mediation, reducing the cost, time, hassle, stress, and animosity, of a lengthy courtroom fight. For another person, achieving sole child custody, for instance, might be the most pressing concern, and proving the need for that outcome in court is the only way make it viable, regardless of how long it takes or what it might entail.

While it's important to recognize such disparities in process and outcome, it's also worth noting that, generally speaking, spite and anger won't get you far during the divorce process or with anything else. You should work hard to try to remain levelheaded, to avoid doing things such as dragging the children into arguments, and to resist the temptation to scratch and claw for every little thing.

By focusing on your top priorities and most desired outcomes, another benefit is that hopefully you can let go of some of the rest, and fight only for what's most important. Also keep in mind that a successful divorce isn't just about what happens in the courtroom. It's about your life on the other side of the divorce, too.

Of course, it's always essential to work with an experienced family law attorney in your local area. And in terms of experiencing a successful divorce case, you then further want to work with an attorney whose experience and capabilities are aligned with your own goals. Set your priorities, find someone whose skill set matches your end goals, and strive to find success in whichever way it's defined for you.

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This article does not represent legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. Always consult with an attorney before making any legal or financial decisions.

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